The SeaLog SARM

To have a good grip of the access rights of users and the regular monitoring of these rights are key factors in the protection of confidential data. The company not paying enough attention to this task, undertakes significant risk. SeaLog Access Right Monitor (SARM) allows both administrators and management to manage this sensitive area in the future.

Our product is an effective tool in the hands of operators to monitor the access right system. With SARM, management can get an overall picture of the access right problems which threaten data security and of the possible presence of any files infringing copyrights: thing which the management has criminal liability for (Penal Code 385.§ (1), Law on Tax on Income 1.§ (1.) c.) The use of our solution opens a door to establishing a safer system and to ensuring the elimination of any possible infringements.




Rights-management problems

  • From management’s aspect, it is a high risk factor that administrators or other privileged users are difficult to control.
  • Management lacks for current information about who has access to confidential data at user level.
  • Unlawful storage of copyright protected files on company’s media is kept hidden from the management.

SARM is a tool for monitoring rights

  • SARM is a tool for analyzing complex relations of rights and for detecting right-setting anomalies. Collects from company’s IT systems data on all available rights and stores them in a systematized and analyzable way.
  • For expert users, it gives an easy-to-use interface to analyze complex relations of rights. For responsible decision-makers, it provides clear-cut and expressive reports. By integrating the acquision process, it provides an opportunity to match continuously the management’s intent and the factually assigned rights.

What kind of questions can SARM give rapid responses to?

  • Which users have full administration rights and what do they have access to?
  • What kind of files are stored on the servers and by who?
  • Are there any illegal file types (mp3, mpeg, AVI, torrent, iso, jpg etc.) among them violating internal and external regulations?
  • Which users, groups have access to a given file and with what kind of rights?
  • Which files and systems does a given user have access to?
  • What kind of inactive accounts can be found in the systems?


  • Effective, resource-saving access right monitor tool for administrators.
  • Assists with the statutory compliance.
  • Provides targeted overview for the management by its reports easy to interpret.
  • Audit support tool.

We recommend it to:

Organizations where continuous monitoring of access rights is important due to the company size and to its operation.